C++ program to create a payroll report

Write a C++ program to create a payroll report based on the following assumptions and requirements:

A company called Data Housing Corp. employs several employees, all employees are paid on hourly base, any employee who works over than 40 hours is entitled to be paid overtime (1.5 for every hour exceeding 40).



The Gross income: Gross income = (Rate * hours worked) + over time.
The Overtime: Overtime = number of hours exceeding 40 * Rate* 1.5
State Tax:         State Tax = gross * 6%
Federal Tax:    fed Tax = Gross * 12%
Union fees:    Union fees = Gross * 2%
Net:              Net = Gross – (state tax + fed tax + Union fees).
Total Gross for all employees.
Average Gross for all employees.




Typedef (for string data types)

DO NOT USE functions


Your input consists of Employee First Name, Middle Initial, Last name, Hours worked, Rate per Hour.
State tax, Fed tax and Union fees are
Your FORMATTED Output includes all input information and all calculated information such as (gross, net. etc.)
Apply (whatever is applicable) : Loops,  constants, data validation, if, else, switch, arrays, precision  …. .
Input validation (hours greater than 0 and less than 60, rate greater than 0 and less than50)
Document your program (add comments)
The source code program and the output
The output in the following format:

Data Housing Corp. Weekly Payroll


First Name     MI                      Last name     Rate per hour      Hours worked   ……………………..

========     ===                     ========    ==========       =========

Joe                Y                        Smith             $10.99                  40
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