@Indalab Templates

The TMP Logic Pro Template enables you to Record and Mix Rap vocals quickly and easily, saving you lots of time  in a Studio Recording session.  It is designed to allow the process of recording Main, Stabs and Ad-lib vocal takes in 3 easy steps, as well as being grouped to Auxiliary strips.   With a few tweaks here and there to suit your preference, this template provides a clean signal flow for Rap vocals over an instrumental ready for Mastering.   Compatible with Logic Pro 9 or Logic Pro X

This bonus template includes a Practice Logic Pro Project used to Mix a Vocal Track, along with guidelines and an introductory video.

Definitely more than a bargain, as you will not only be able to create a product ready for sale, but can also help to improve the sessions you run with other Artists that you book in for studio time. Don't delay, buy it now and see for yourself!

PS i'll give you a 60 Day money back garauntee if you're unsatisfied with it. Just send me an email to [email protected]
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