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Project guidelines for Grades 9 (2013) a) Minimum number of pages per project -10 (including both the sides) b) All projects have to be hand written. c) Projects should be supported with pictures, forms, reports etc. d) Each project should have a title e) Each project should be filed properly e) Total number of projects - 2. f) Submission date –Thursday,31st October,2013 g) Avoid Plagiarism [“Plagiarism means presenting the words, phrases, ideas or work of another, including certain facts and statistics, as if they were your own.” “To avoid plagiarizing, you must clearly acknowledge the source of any borrowed language/ ideas/graphics and visual information that you present in your own work. Quotation marks, followed by documentation, should be used to indicate the exact words of others.” [Acknowledgement] TOPICS 1. Types of Business Visit any two different forms of organization [according to ownership Structures] and prepare a report on their working which may include the following details: a) Nature & type of business b) Amount of capital invested c) Any legal formalities to start it / agreement d) Control & management e) Size of business( number of employees, any branches / offices) f) Customer base g) Any forms of simple marketing /advertising used, if any h) How is it socially desirable i) How has it grown over the years and explain the reasons for its growth 2. Channels of Communication a) Critically evaluate the tools (letters, e-mail, videoconference, memo, and phone) of business communication in a commercial organization. – Refer to chapter 9. b) Visit any commercial organization to understand the working and importance of each of these tools. 2 pages per topic ,and I have 10dollars credit so one page will be free for me
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