Playtime - Playful and Quirky Children's Music

Happy children's music. Playful, quirky and bouncy instrumental music. Fun, catchy, upbeat and positive. Imagine Willy Wonka, Teletubbies or a Kids TV theme. Think of animals, animation, wildlife, children and of cute, funny scenes. Ideal for advertising or as a kids TV theme tune. Happy, Childrens, Music, Happy Music, Playful, quirky, bouncy, instrumental music, instrumental, Fun, catchy, upbeat, positive. Willy Wonka, Kids, TV theme, kids music, Animals, Animation, Wildlife, Children, Cute, Funny, Humourous, Humorous, Jon Brooks, bounce, advertising, Advert, TVC, computer, gaming, Tune, theme tune, Audio Micro, fast, play, playing, Comical, Hilarious, Funny, Playtime, Synthesiser, Synthesizer, Electronic, School, Entertainment, Education, Educational.
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