Gazelle's Awesome Asics Nimbus 15

Gazelle Takes off her Asics after running
61 Photos | 3500+ pixels | Shoe Size 9.5

We've never had a photo set like this one. Gazelle warned me that her yellow Asics were the most stinky shoes she ever had; and to make things worse she ran 45 min from her house to come meet me, she showed up out of breath and dripping in sweat.

In this high-rez photo set you get over 3500 pixels in many shots, her bare feet are stinky, glistening with sweat and a bit dirty and rough from constantly running without socks.

The shoes smelled so strong that it filled the room a long time before she started to untie the laces; by the time she had them off and turned around to show off her soles I started wondering if I could handle it!

- Super long athletic legs with a nice small butt in super sexy Lululemon boy-shorts
- Long sexy feet with high arches, very long toes; narrow ankles and veiny tops
- Smell so strong it almost comes off your computer screen
- Detailed close-up shots of Gazelle's body with a resolution high enough to examine her toe's fingerprints
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