Floor Unit #1 & Table Unit #1 (Item #STU-032)

Features: 20U Total: 6+8U Split-front Floor Unit, 6U Angled Table-top Unit, both from only 1/2 sheet of plywood (inches and centimeters).

Two racks and 20U, each with a convenient viewing angle, all from only 1/2 sheet of plywood. Sturdy construction and mounted gear give these units strength and great looks. The top of the floor unit may be mounted with hinges for easy access (illustrated) or it may serve as a base unit for a desk or table for a comfortable table height of 28" (71cm).

The plans PDF file includes four pages of detailed drawings, with complete measurements and construction notes. Drawings include assembled view, detailed front and side views, and a measured plywood cutting diagram suitable for either professional or at-home milling. File: 216KB PDF.

You'll need: 1 half-sheet plywood (4' x 4' or 122cm x 122cm), 2 8U rails, 4 6U rails, 4 leveling feet, 4 rubber feet, optionally 2 hinges. (Parts not included.)
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