Kat's Tip Top and Other Metal Curlers Roller Set and Comb Out - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Kat, wearing a lovely purple 1980's conservative blouse, skirt, high heels and stockings, visits Carmen's beauty salon for a beautiful updo for a planned evening out. Carmen covers Kat with a leopard print nylon cape and wraps a pink cotton towel around her shouldars. Carmen, who has her hair full of magnetic rollers covered with a hairnet, leads Kat back to the shampoo bowl for a shampoo and conditioner. After Kat's hair is rinsed, Kat is brought back to the salon chair where Carmen combs out sections of Kat's hair, covers the end of Kat's hair with end papers, and then wraps Kat's hair in 1950's Tip Top curlers and other metal curlers. Some of these metal curlers are so thin that these were probably used as perm rods in the 1950s or so.

After Carmen finishes putting as many metal curlers into Kat's hair as possible, with end papers protecting the ends of her hair, Carmen places a hairnet over Kat's curlers and covers Kat's ears with felt. Kat models off the retro metal curlers in front of the camera, with and without the hairnet. She then sits back in the salon chair and Carmen sets the portable hair dryer over Kat's head. Although Kat actually sat under the dryer for 44 minutes, only a few minutes of dryer time is shown in this video. (If you want to see the full hair drying time under the dryer, that video can be purchased seperately).

What type of curls result from the vintage 1950's Tip Top and other metal curlers? Tiny tight springy curls! Carmen says it's like spiral curls. Watch as Carmen brushes and rats all of Kat's curls to make a very lovely 1940's updo. Lots of hairspray and hair pins hold Kat's lovely new hairstyle in place.

Duration: 2 hours and 56 minutes
Size: 1920x1080
Format: wmv
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