190 : Miss iris cranking the old Fiat 500

Miss Iris wants to change car. She found a friend of hers who owns a Fiat 500 and she wants to ride it!

She gets in the car and she says "Oh how cute are you! Are you ready to have a beautiful trip only us two?"

She pulls the starter lever, waiting for a response from the engine, but nothing happens...

She tries to turn the master key in various positions but nothing...
She tries pulling and pushing the choke, again and again …

"Maybe pumping some fuel by using the gas pedal, it will work!"

 But nothing of all those stuffs works. The more she tries, the more she gets frustrated, the more she looks perplexed at the car...What is the issue now?!?

She thought that maybe looking under the hood will give Iris some clues, but that was a dead end too!

Why she always have problems with cars?
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