TFMwebinar - June 2015 — BEING IN THE NEW LIFE©

If you have been suffering various body inflammations, Digestive or Metabolic inbalances that you feel are Ascension symptoms this is the Webinar for you.

The VERY NEW PART of you and your Twin Flame is going to be connecting to you deeply. My Webinar is intended to assist you in Release of Old Mental-Emotional Body "issues" — from You and your Twin Flame.

I have Two Videos of Positions to Prime your NEW inner Chakras & the Connecting Channels.


A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Away — your DORMANT Connections Are ALIVE!
Your INDIVIDUAL HIGH SPIRIT BODY (5th Subtle Body — Replaces the Ego-Psyche
The Sweetness! — Blood & Sugar — Spleen, Blood, Lymph, Bone Marrow, Respiration
There's a Fungus among Us! — Inflammations, & Chronic Conditions
Portals, Cycles & Galactic Elevation — Getting Higher for Re-Union
FINANCES — New Connections to your Higher Self, Timelines & Etheric Compensation
Basic Maintenance — at ANY Level of Physical Living
Special information for Blue Rays!
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