ShaDowZz Minecraft Screenshot Pack II - 950 Shader Screenshots - PSD - V.1.1

ShaDowZz Minecraft Screenshot Pack II - 950 Shader Screenshots - PSD
Verison 1.1
This is an updated version on the pack adding a new theme containing 200 brand new screenshots with modded enviroment. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
To use this pack you need a version of Photoshop.

This pack contains 950 FULL HD shader screenshots that can be used in any canvas.
They are mostly used by graphics designers who make YouTube banners, twitter headers etc.

This is my second screenshot pack after a long while and since my last pack there's a lot of improvement and fixes that happened like:

- Fixed the 2D default clouds mixed with the shaderpack clouds.
- Added more FOV's (Field of view).
- Added much more variety to the screenshots and categorized them in themes.
- Used much better and less buggy shaderpacks with custom time zones for the best outcome.
- Overall much better angles and quality of the final screenshots.
- Added DOF to a lot of screenshots. (Depth of field).
- More screenshots added inside caves and nether.
- Added new biomes which weren't present in the last pack.

I hope you will enjoy this pack as much as I enjoy making it if you decide to purchase it!
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