Personal Responsibility RD2

Personal Responsibility is something people work on their whole lives. Life lessons and challenges become the assignments of learning how to become better at responsibility. Learning what works for oneself and what does not, help’s one better organize life at becoming easier to handle the next challenge in each stage of our existence.  With this training throughout childhood and adolences we build the basic understanding of how we can make college more successful. First we will look at how personal responsibility is beneficial in life, and then we will look at how it can be learned in throughout college.

Even in going to class, I learned that having a class once a week for three hours did not mean I could do my assignments the day before the next class. Hard as I tried to adhere to that rule (because I was in my later twenties and should have known better by now.) I still had weeks were the homework got looked at the day before class started. I can say for fact that the eating habits and sleeping habits were more out of necessity than any regular habit. The semesters that I ran myself ragged with little to no breaks, and a heavy workloadwould cause a nasty cold come finals
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