green_land v0.1.3(windows x64 only) of blender addon

green_land is an addon for blender for generating plants of scene very quickly
it include a low poly plant library(will be add more type of plant in the future)

green land turtorial:(also inside the addons folder with jpg and gif image)

thera are two modes for distributing plants(MIX mode and INDEPENTENT mode)

in the MIX mode,you can mix one or more than one type of plant by the vertice can set independent map for each type of plant,or set one map to all of them.
diifrent setting will get a diffrent mix result.

in the INDEPENTENT mode,only one face define a plant,you can locate a position by vertice map precisely (but need all the face vertice have weight).

you can define the scope precisely by an image(you graund must has an UV map)

you can hide the plants in the scene that are not in the camara visible scope(you can set the angle of visibility)

and you can set the other pramaters like( scale,rotation,offset,...) to make the scene to be what you want.

there are two ways to define the LOD:(the weight map and distance of camara)

1:I will make the plants animatable in the future,for example: wind blows the grasses and trees.
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