Ave Maria Rose Ray Language of Light Transmissions ~ 528 Hz Love & Miracles

Just prior to this recording, Shekina Rose asked the Divine Mother what she wished to be brought forth.  The Holy Mother wished her to sing the Ave Maria and Hail Mary.  Without rehearsal and not knowing what would transpire, Shekina stepped up to the microphone--and this recording was spontaneously created.  This transmission is from the Mother Mary Template of the Sacred Heart of the Rose Ray.  Usually singing only in the Language of Light, this represents Shekina's first time combining that and the English language with a beautiful result and glorious impact on the listener.

3 songs of Ave Maria 

AVE MARIA with Angelic Harps                  ~ 7.20 mins

AVE MARIA with Angelic Harps & vocals   ~ 7.13  mins

Hail Mary New Rose Ray Prayer                 ~  7.29 mins

Shekina Rose https://www.bluerayempathbeings.com/

Gratitude and Special Thanks to:

Mother Mary:  All Divine Inspiration
Barbie Edwards:  Backup Vocals and Harp Music 'www.therapyharps.com"
Paul Wilcox:  Recording/Mixing
Mary Angelico:  Graphic Design, "www.freewebs.com/maryangelico"

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