IT 200 Week 1 participation®: Cloud Computing First Look

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IT 200 Week 1 participation®: Cloud Computing First Look

Are you “afraid” of the Cloud?




This is sometimes how we feel about something unknown and new, to which we are not familiar with.


However, the Cloud needs not to be intimidating, as we are learning in the video, the Cloud is simply a computing model, where today is currently used by services (like DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.) as third party companies host their Servers remotely, (where the equipment and SW is owned by them or a third party company).


They offer us storage area, some of it free initially and some paid (kind like the Post Office and the rent of P.O. boxes) where the content stored by them in their Servers (large Computers) is not at all related to their business, but only relevant for us (similar to the approach the US. Postal service takes about it, they do not care about the content of our letters or packages, they just store them and deliver them).


Now based on the above explanation, what are your thoughts about on why are folks afraid or not trusting of “the Cloud”?


Please expand with your own comments and observations here.




Becoming familiar with “The Cloud”



Cloud computing these days has become a very powerful model of computing; as it allows business and individuals to gain all kinds of savings on transaction activities providing flexibility for the user while lowering the costs of the support and maintenance of their Servers,(as they would not be part of our networks, but belong to the Cloud providers), where we will only pay a monthly fee or “pay per use” as we use their service offerings.


Now, please describe your understanding and experience (if any) using  “the Cloud” in your daily activities.
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