HRM 326 Week 3 Diversity Training Plan

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HRM 326 Week 3 Diversity Training Plan
You are an HR Manager in a company that has recently received complaints from employees about lack of inclusion.
Develop a 1,050- to 1,400-word overview for a training program on diversity and inclusion for your organization's first line supervisors.
Include a plan for the types of exercises, roleplaying, or activities that will maintain participant interest and enhance the learning outcome in the body of the training plan. 
Utilize both "Social Learning Theory" and "Adult Learning Theory" in the course content for your training plan.

  • Provide rationale for the activities and how they relate to the two learning theories.

  • Explain how each theory is used in each exercise, role play, or activity.

Discuss how this diversity training can modify employee morale, improve workforce inclusion, and lead to more managerial success. 
Format your plan consistent with APA standards including Title Page, heading called Abstract or Introduction [Explicitly restate the purpose and all parts of the assignment; words from the Syllabus may be used], Body of the paper with at least one citation from the Reference list; heading called Conclusion [Explicitly restate the purpose and all parts of the assignment; words from the Syllabus may be used], heading called References [List of sources in APA format] and Addendum as required.  
 Abstract or Introduction and Conclusion:
According to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), An abstract is "a brief, comprehensive summary of the contents of the article; it allows readers to survey the contents of an article quickly and, like a title, it enables persons interested in the document to retrieve it from abstracting and indexing databases" (2010, p. 25). The first line of the abstract is not indented. An abstract may range from 150 to 250 words (APA, 2010). Because an abstract is not always required for student papers, adhere to your instructor's requirements." EXAMPLE: Abstract: This paper offers information on ---
Conclusion: This paper offered information on ---
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