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BUS 212 Week 1 Business Strategy

Purpose of Assignment 

The purpose for this assignment is to describe how business strategy accounts for all the dimensions of the business and how the strategy addresses the five elements in the business environment.

Assignment Steps 

Address each of the following using minimum 75-word responses for each response:








Discuss the main dimensions of a business (consider fundamental aspects of business such as profit, risk, value creation, knowledge/human capital, and competition).


Describe the five elements in the business environment discussed in your text.


Describe key generic strategies of business. [Consider some basic strategies for making a business competitive such as differentiation (ex: branding/marketing), cost/pricing, and focus/niche market (succeeding at cost and differentiation in this particular market).]




Cite at least one source in an APA formatted Reference page. 

Include APA formatted title and Reference page only (the assignment does not need to be written as a paper).

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.





BUS 212 Week 2 Different Forms of Business Organizations

Purpose of Assignment 

The purpose of this assignment is for the student to understand the different forms of business and how they compare while fitting into the American economy.

Assignment Steps 

Create a table in a Word document with the following information:




List the different forms of a business organization.


Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different business organizations.


Summarize in a minimum of 200 words what form of business organization you would choose if you were forming a business and defend your selection. (Include the summary in the same Word document within the table.)

Cite at least two sources and include an APA formatted Reference page.

Include an APA formatted title page and reference page only (note the assignment does not need to be formatted according to APA guidelines).

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.






BUS 212 Week 3 Economic Impacts on US Based Businesses

Purpose of Assignment 

The purpose of this is assignment is for the student understand the concept of supply and demand and how they impact the activities of a US based business. 

Assignment Steps 

Create a 950-word paper discussing the following information:




Define the law of demand and the law of supply.


Discuss how price changes are reflected on a given supply or demand curve.


List the determinants of demand.


List the determinants of supply.


What happens to a given supply or demand curve if one of the determinants of supply or


demand change?


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. 

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.






BUS 212 Week 4 Global Expansion of a US Based Business

Purpose of Assignment 

The purpose of the assignment is for the student to review the market and understand the strategies that are employed by a US based business expanding globally.


Assignment Steps 

Create a 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint®  presentation, with detailed speaker’s notes for the following scenario: 


Company X is an American manufacturing company getting ready to start selling its products in Mexico. You are the manager of a team tasked with assessing the potential risks to the company as it gets ready to expand in Mexico. Your presentation should address the following:




Explain what risks the company could face in entering the market in Mexico.


Analyze how these risks might be different than those risks faced in staying in just the American market.


Explain how the company can manage these risks.


Cite at least two references and include a References slide at the end of your presentation. 

Note that EVERY slide should contain detailed speaker notes, except the Title and References slide. (If you don’t know how to include speaker notes, please Google “How to add speaker notes to PowerPoint slides” for instructions.)

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.






BUS 212 Week 5 Ethical Violations Discussion


Ethical Violations Discussion

Identify a company that has experienced an ethical violation in the past 5 years.

Create a minimum 350-word post within this discussion area discussing the following information:




Explain the ethical violation and what made it unethical.


Describe what consequences came about due to the ethical violation.


Discuss whether the ethical violation did or did not violate the law.


Explain how could have been done to prevent the ethical violation.


Please do not include your response as an attachment. Also note that your response to this assignment will not count toward your weekly participation requirement; however, substantive posts in response to a classmate’s post will count toward your weekly participation requirement.