TBC 1-70 [Truly AFK] [ALLIANCE] profile 2.0

TBC 1-70 [Truly AFK] [ALLIANCE] profile 2.0

This is my World of Warcraft TBC 1-70 questing and grinding profile!

What is [Truly AFK]?
Truly AFK is a questing and grinding profile that utilizes local quests while grinding. It will pick up, complete, and turn-in easy quests near the grinding location.
Truly AFK has many unique features that no other quest+grind profile offers, but what is that? Well check it out below!

No more having to disable quests!

Truly AFK determines your current level and will place you in the correct location for you. 
No longer will you have to stumble through the profile steps trying to figure out where to go!

Quality of life

When using this profile you'll notice where other profiles struggle, but don't worry Truly AFK utilizes many things in it's profile!

Customized pathing

Have you ever watched your bot die over and over because the route he took wasn't safe?
Fear no more! This profile has many safe custom paths!

(not an actual path, just an example)

Setting/Using Hearthstone
Using Taxis
- This profile will utilize custom set flight paths when found necessary
Running to Outland
- Once ready, the bot will fly, run, and do the entry quest into Outland!
In-game progress tracking
This is a unique feature to [Truly AFK] no other profile has this.
You can see exactly what your bot is doing, and where he's going!
In-game progress tracking is similar to WRobot's remote feature except that it tracks each step in-game!

In addition to grinding, the profile will pick up, complete and turn in local quests.
This includes both grinding, and non-grinding quests. Not all grinding spots are directly related to the grinding areas. This mix's it up a bit!

Current Class Quests
- Human zone Warlock  Voidwalker 
- More to be added!


Whether you need help setting up the bot, or need something to be fixed or added, I'm here!
In addition to support, I will be updating, bug-fixing, and adding a horde version of the bot!

(to be added)  Refund Policy: No refunds will be awarded. By purchasing this you agree that you are the owner of purchasee bank account. You understand you are paying for a virtual good and waive all right to a refund. You understand and accept that no physical item will be rewarded, and only a virtual item. If you do not receive the item, or it is not working, please contact me directly.   Policy: The Purchasee understands that this is a private document and is to not be redistributed without owners consent. If you re-sell, share, or edit the virtual product and redistribute it in anyway shape and form you understand that legal action may be taken upon the Purchasee.
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