SCI 151 Week 1 Basics of Astronomy Worksheet

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SCI 151 Week 1 Basics of Astronomy Worksheet
Complete the outline based on the readings for this week: Ch. 1-3 of The Essential  
     Cosmic Perspective. Use complete sentences for all subpoints listed.

  1. What is Earth's Sun in the solar system?

  2. What is our Milky Way galaxy including its size?? 

  3. What is the Big Bang?

  4. What is meant by the phase "looking out in the universe is looking back in time?"

  5. What is Earth's place in the solar system?

  6. How close are the nearest stars to the Sun as compared to the distance between the Sun and the Earth?

  7. What is the Sun's position in our Milky Way galaxy, and how is the Sun moving in the galaxy?

  8. How many stars are estimated to exist in this galaxy?

  9. How old is the Earth compared to the Universe itself?

  10. How fast does the Earth move around the Sun compared to spacecraft we have launched?

  11. How are other galaxies moving from our point of view on the Earth?

  12. What is Polaris, and what is its significance in the sky?

  13. How do solar and lunar eclipses occur?

  14. Why don't eclipses occur every month?

  15. What was the Copernican revolution?

  16. What observations did Galileo make that proved that planets go around the Sun?

  17. What laws tell about how the planets move around a star?

  18. What causes the seasons?

  19. Are objects in orbit of the Earth still under the influence of gravity?

  20. An object in orbit falls around the Earth. What do planets, comets, and asteroids fall around?

Write your answers only on the answersheet which is available from the right column.
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