Study with #TSSG - Faith Can Heal (Luke 7:1-10)

Faith Can Heal
Bible Basis: Luke 7:1-10

By the time you all see a lesson review I have already worked through my study. But I am often asked about “HOW” I study? Where do you start?

When I start I don’t begin with a commentary or anyone’s book. I take the raw text, read it and mark up what I see. I look for what leaps out, record my raw reactions and questions. Then I am in a position to study and look for the things I want to know. Random fact about me...I usually don’t read a commentary until after I have researched. It’s not a guide for me but rather kind of like the “key” to a test for me. It confirms whether I’ve found all of the treasured nuggets!

I hosted a Facebook Live at 8:15 p.m. on October 15, 2019 where I talked through my “mark up” of the text in my first reading of this text.  Here's the link!

I saved my markup and am sharing it as FREE download. But before reading mine...FIRST and take a stab at your own mark up! 📚

Suggestion for YOUR study:
1.  Read the lesson through.  Mark where you see people/places/interesting things.

2.  Reflect on questions you have

3.  Look at history/background.

4.  Consider the use of language

5.  Read lesson in Message Bible