Saturday AM #7


SATURDAY AM #7 features the amazing debut of Tony Saavedra and Rocky Garcia's long-awaited, ARROGANCE OF ATHENA! This action-packed PILOT Manga (our guest creator section for new and promising manga webcomic talent) is the first part of a rock-solid new comic which features a manga style story with Marvel Comic's style visuals. We also hit the creators of AoA with a full-on Saturday AM-style interview to learn just how they created this story and what the duo may have planned next.

Get ready for a roller coaster ride from one of the most exciting new talented teams on the web!

This issue also features:

-Interview with Dragonball Z fan film screenwriter: Derek Padula

-Apple Black chapter #5 (conclusion of chapter!)

-Bully Eater #12 (an unexpected battle!)

-Comatose chapter #1.500 (Start of new chapter!)

-Saigami chapter #3 (Start of new chapter!)
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