SHIFT++ (Drum Kit)

If you see StampWave as the seller on PayPal, don't worry that is me!

A sample pack curated and created by ruins. This sample pack contains all sounds used by ruins and most other people in the collective. Its a great kit containing most popular sounds, with a mixture of rare sounds. The kit includes a sample folder filled with 50+ samples for you to chop, screw, and use. Please note some of these sounds can be found in other kits, but most are custom. The kit also includes the KYOTO Loop kit and an unreleased loop pack by ruins free of charge.

19 808's
9 Claps
40+ Rare Soundscapes & Noises
38 Hi Hats
8 Kicks
9 Melody Loops
10 Drum Loops
16 Open Hats + Crashes
20 Percussion Soudns
69 Samples to Chop
70 Snares
42 Vox/FX

+ BONUS UNRELEASED LOOP PACK (Clairvoyance Loop Pack) which contains 50 royalty free loops for you to use how ever you would like.
+ BONUS ANOTHER LOOP PACK (KYOTO Loop Kit) which contains 35 loops created by MozartProd and ruins.

If you have already purchased the KYOTO Loop Kit and would like a discount on this drum kit please email me at [email protected]
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