Kat's Traditional German Water Perm Windup in a Salon - VOD Digital Video on Demand

While in Deutschland (Germany), Kat stopped in at Hair Design Team, located in Stolzenau, for the traditional perm windup (water used only, no perming solution). One noticeable difference between a USA perm windup and a German perm windup is the usage of the long flexible plastic sticks. These are inserted under the rod straps to protect the hair from having lines from the straps. The stylist uses a wide neck strip to protect Kat's skin, after Kat is caped with a shiny purple cape. The shampoo bowl is rolled to the chair, and the stylist shampoos Kat's hair and gives her a wonderful head massage. After a rinse and a brief toweling, a tray of perm rods is carted over. The stylist expertly wraps Kat's hair around the pale yellow perm rods, a few smaller pink ones are inserted around the edges of Kat's hairline. Once finished, a pink sheer hairnet covers Kat's head and then a dryer is brought over. After nearly a half hour, Kat's hair is dry and the rods are taken out to reveal cute little curls. This video is mostly in German, with Kat speaking some English as well. Duration 85 minutes, screen size: 720 x 48, format .wmv
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