Sheet Music - The Great British Community Singalong - Piano

43 Popular songs for piano in PDF format scored in the same order and style as the video ( - Easy key/time signatures. - 43 pages - optimised for printer - Free lyrics sheet at I'd advise any pianists using this music to entertain audiences to be prepared to repeat the main choruses 2 or even sometimes 3 times.In a song like 'Val-de-ri' I am often so entertained by people shouting ' a ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha' that I simply have to play it again,which can mean improvising some lyrics to an extra verse,just to get to the chorus agfain.Have FUN with it - that's the main thing! Good Luck and Thank You - your interest is very much appreciated by this crazy old busker.. Yours sincerely - Richard
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