Jungheinrich Fork Truck Type DFG 660/690, TFG 660/690 from 11.2008 Workshop Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Manual for JETI Fork Truck Type DFG/TFG.

Original factory manuals for JUNGHEINRICH Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text

Covered models:
DFG 660 (from 11.2008)
DFG 690 (from 11.2008)
TFG 660 (from 11.2008)
TFG 690 (from 11.2008)

Format: PDF, 941 Pages
Language: English


Safety Instructions
Component Layout
Technical Specifications
    Notes on how to avoid accidents and material damage
    Overview of components
    A Overview
        Control panel
        Drive compartment
        Wire guidance
    B Drive system
        Electric motor (1 M1)
    D Brake system
        Magnetic brake
        Operational description
        Emergency recovery
    E Wheel
        Wheel bearings, load wheel
    F Steering system
        Steering system components
        Steering system electric motor (3M1)
        Sensor system 1
        Potentiometer 3U9, 8U28 and 8U29
        Distance sensor
        Angle sensor 3U9, 8U28 and 8U29
        Sensor system 2
        Steering wheel transmission table
    G Mast
        Mast sensor system
        Sensor bearing
        Power supply to sensor bearing
        Aux. lift sensor system
        Sideshift sensor system
        Swivel sensor system
    I Hydraulic system
        Setting and bleeding
        Overpressure setting
        Suctioning the hydraulic system
        Hydraulic motor (2M1)
        Hydraulic control block H1 assembly (drive compartment) ..
        Hydraulic control block H2 assembly (cabin)
    J Electrical system
        Component Arrangement
        Operational description
        RIO A (A2) drive compartment computer
        RIO C (A3) cabin computer
        Drive compartment and cabin computer error flashing
        I.O junction (A11)
        Power Supply - Fuses in Computer
        Control panel computer A4
        Control panel computer A4
        Control panel computer error flashing codes
        Drive compartment travel switch distributor (U14)
        Cabin distributor (U12)
        General Description of Controller and Drive System
        Operating principles of threephase drive system
        Operational description of lift, travel and steering drive threephase controller
    L Truck Block Diagrams
        CAN Bus System Block Diagram
        Control Panel Computer Block Diagram
        Overhead Guard Distributor Block Diagram
        Carriage Distributor Block Diagram
        Cabin Distributor Block Diagram
        Mast Distributor Block Diagram
        AC-3 Power Control (Combi Controller) Block Diagram
        Travel Switch Distributor Block Diagram
        RIO A Computer Block Diagram
        Reed Strip Distributor
        Operating Instructions
        A Correct use and application of the truck
B Truck Description
    1 Application 
    2 Assemblies and Operational Description  
    2.1 Truck  
    3 Standard Version Specifications  
    3.1  Performance data 
    3.2  Dimensions (as per data plate)  
    3.3  EKX 410 mast version 
    3.4  EKX 513 – 515 mast version 
    3.5 EN norms  
    3.6  Conditions of use  
    4 Identification points and data plates 
    4.1 Truck data plate  
    4.2  Capacity  
C Transport and Commissioning
    1 Transport 
    2 Lifting by crane 
    2.1 Crane points 
    2.2  Lifting the battery by crane 
    3 Securing the Truck for Transport.  
    3.1 Basic truck transport safety
    3.2 Mast transport safety 
    3.3  Mast assembled  
    3.4 Transport retaining device: truck with folded mast (EKX 513 - 515)  
    4 Commissioning 
    4.1  Moving the truck without a battery  
    4.2  Installing and removing the mast  
    5 Commissioning 
D Battery Maintenance, Charging & Replacement
    1 Safety Regulations for handling acid batteries 
    2 Battery types  
    3 Charging the battery 
    4 Battery removal and installation  
    5 Battery – checking conditionand acid level  
    6 Battery discharge indicator 
E Operation
    1 Safety Regulations for the Operation of Forklift Trucks  
    2 Operating and Display Equipment  
    2.1  Operating and display equipment on control panel 
    2.2 Display unit controls and displays  
    2.3 Lower range symbols and keys 
    2.4 Truck operational status symbols 
    3 Starting up the truck  
    4 Lift truck operation 
    4.1  Safety regulations for truck operation  
    4.2 Travelling, Steering, Braking  
    4.3  Lifting – Lowering – Reaching – Traversing outside the rack aisles  
    4.4  Lifting – Lowering – Reaching – Traversing inside the rack aisles  
    4.5 Order picking and stacking 
    4.6  Park the truck securely 
    5 Troubleshooting  
    5.1 Emergency stop device 
    5.2  Driver’s cab / Aux. Liftemergency lowering  
    5.3 Exiting the driver's cab with the emergency abseil device 
    5.4  Bypassing the chain slack safety device 
    5.5  Bypassing the travel cutout (o)  
    5.6  Lift cutout (o) 
    5.7 Aisle end safety device (o) 
    5.8  WG emergency operation  
    5.9 Recovering the truck froma narrow aisle / Moving the truck without a battery  
F Maintenance of the forklift truck
    1 Operational safety and environmental protection 
    2 Maintenance Safety Regulations 
    3 Servicing and inspection  
    4 EKX maintenance checklist 
    4.1 Lubrication Schedule 
    4.2 Fuels, coolants and lubricants 
    5 Maintenance and Repairs  
    5.1  Preparing the truck for maintenance and repairs  
    5.2  Securing the driver’s position carriage  
    5.3  Maintaining the lift chains
    5.4  Inspecting the lift chains 
    5.5 Hydraulic oil 
    5.6 Hydraulic hoses 
    5.7  Checking the brake fluid (EKX 513 - 515) 
    5.8 Checking electrical fuses (EKX 410) 
    5.9 Checking electrical fuses (EKX 513 - 515) 
    5.10 Recommissioning 
    6 Decommissioning the forklift truck  
    6.1  Prior to decommissioning: 
    6.2 During decommissioning: 
    6.3  Recommissioning 
    7 Safety checks to be performed at regular intervals and following any unusual incidents 
    8 Final de-commissioning, disposal  

    Circuit Diagrams (Electrical / Hydraulic)
    General Tightening Torques
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