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Address the following below in at least 20 slides or more you must include as a minimum an introduction, body, summary/conclusion, and notes pages.  It is important that you follow APA formatting guidelines and site your references at the end of the presentation.

In your research/synthesis presentation, you will thoroughly present your research findings regarding each topic using the Notes Pages for each slide. You will arrange your findings in an organization that is made clear to the reader in the introduction and you will summarize your presentation in the conclusion section with notes.

1. Explain the major concepts behind computers, computer algorithms, and computer literacy. 

2. Explain the technologies that have contributed to the exponential growth of the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW)

3. Describe the impact of software development, and computing technologies on business productivity.

4. Outline major hardware components and the architecture and configurations of computing systems

5. Interpret the OSI model and inspect the architecture of networks and operating systems

6. Summarize the architecture, the flow of control, and the security concerns of the Internet and computer use


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