IT 200 Milestone

IT 200 Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric

Scenario: A new owner has purchased Swagger Distribution Company, a company that distributes clothing and apparel. She does not have experience with IT related problem solving, so she is contracting you, as an IT consultant, to help.

For Milestone One, you will submit a document summarizing the human-computer interface (HCI) and information management/database (IMD) using appropriate IT terminology. Take a moment to read the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric to see how the following information applies to the final project, and then proceed to do the following for Milestone One:

Human-Computer Interface (HCI): On a daily basis, Swagger Distribution’s employees log in to the company’s network and utilize many different types of software and the internet. They use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Visio daily.

 For this area of the assignment:

 Summarize the human-computer interface (HCI) of these two software applications. Explain the importance of HCI and usability of the software.

 Be sure to note any commonalities between the applications and note any metaphors that are utilized.

 Suggest one enhancement to one of the two applications that would improve HCI, supported by at least two examples for the suggestion.

 Create a one-page tutorial for Microsoft Visio, including component screenshots, for new employees who are familiar with Microsoft Word but have never used Microsoft Visio. Cover at least two basic functions and/or menu ptions.

 Using circles or arrows and text to label them, point out five different components within Visio within an additional screenshot and briefly describe these components.

Databases: Swagger Distribution’s partners/customers include a variety of clothing companies. Swagger Distribution utilizes a database to store information on the partner companies and the orders that are received. You will review the provided database for Swagger Distribution and summarize what the tables contain and what the queries do. Be sure to apply key terms that you have learned such as “metadata.” Based on information provided, you will change one data type in one of the tables.

For this area of the assignment:

Open up each table in the database to look at the data and examine its formatting. Be sure to open each table in regular view and design view. Describe each table, the information it stores, and any data types present other than text.


Open up the table “Clothing Products” in design view. Change the data type of the “Retail Price” field from “text” to “Currency.” Now reopen the table “Clothing Products” in design view and notice the change. Provide a description of your actions and the results.

Run the query “Retail Purchases” by double-clicking on the query. Make note that it is an empty query and you will see no results. Open up the query in design view. Make note of the actions it is taking and how the tables are linked. Why does the query provide no results? Describe how the tables are linked together and what the query is doing.

 Open up the table “Retail Stores.” Make selections for each retailer in the “Clothing Item” field. Now close the table. Re-run the query “Retail Purchases.” Describe what these results represent. Add a screenshot of your results to your final submission for this milestone (Note: This screenshot should also reflect the changes you made when changing the “text“ data type to “currency”). 
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