Timy's Minecraft Rig v7

Timy's Rig v7

Updated to version 7.0.2 on 12/26/2017

  • Fixed optifine capes not downloading

  • Added new Hats "Pumpkin" and "Head"

  • Fixed and Improved Stretchy Limbs

Updated to version 7.0.1 on 8/7/2017

  • Bug fixes and small tweaks

Make sure you Enable Auto Run Python Scripts in the User Preferences!
This rig is bundled into an addon for easy installation and appending

Rig Features:

  • Compatible with Blender Internal Render and Cycles RenderĀ 

  • Compatible with 1.7 and 1.8 Skins

  • Compatible with Alex or Steve arm model

  • Download skin and cape from username

  • Optifine/Custom Cape support

  • FK and IK controls

  • Fancy Feet (Toggable)

  • Auto extrusion of 1.8 and hat layers (Toggable)

  • Sharp, Smooth, or No Bends for legs and arms (Toggable)

  • Different rig styles or shape (Toggable)

  • All types of armor and elytra (Toggable)

  • Color options for Leather armor

  • Glossy material for Iron, Gold, and Diamond armor (Toggable)

  • Enchanted effect for all armor (Toggable)

  • Facial Features (Toggable)

Known Bugs:
Smooth bends do not work with 3D layers enabled
Smooth bends may distort with different rig styles
Append a second rig in a single instance of blender 2.78+ may crash or fail to append properly.
Work Around: After each time you append the rig, save your project and restart blender before appending another one.


Q:"I do not see the Custom UI?"
A:"Make sure you Enable Auto Run Python Scripts in the User Preferences.
Make sure you have the Rig's Armature selected.
If you imported the rig into your own project file make sure
to append 'Timy Minecraft Rig.py' and run the script"

Q:"Why does it take a long time to render?"
A:"The lighting in this File is designed for quality and not performance.
If you have a graphics card in your system the make sure
GPU Rendering is enabled in the User Preferences and select in the
render settings. To Improve performance try reducing the amount of
samples used and lower the amount of light bounces you are using."

Q:"Why do I see black artifacts when I render while using 3D Layers?"
A:"Make sure the Tranparency Min and Max under Light Paths are at a higher
number then usual. The 3D Layers also extrude Transparent Pixels so there
are alot of transparent faces your light is passing through.
I find that 32 Min and Max is a good number to use"
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