CIS 5100 Data Structures and Programming (Java)

CIS 5100 Data Structures and Programming (Java)



1.         A (5 points)     Define the term “algorithm”.

             B (5 points)     What is UML?

             What is it good for?


C (3 points) Write a

program that decides whether integer number input1 can be divided by integer

number input2 without remainder.  The

program should output “No Remainder” if there is no remainder and “Remainder

is: ” if there is any.  In this latter

case, the program should output the value of the remainder as well.

 D (6 points)    Write

a program line that generates the following stream output

2.   A

(6 points) What is compilation? 


 What does the

compiler do?  (Explain with your own



B (7 points)        How many

control statements does Java have? 




      There are 7 control

statements in Java:

Name the control statements

of Java. 


Give at least 1

example for each.


      C (5

points)  Draw an activity diagram for the

following piece of code:


D (8 points)        Write

a FOR loop that sums even integers from 4 through 54 AND

prints out the FINAL result only.

3.   A (3

points)  Write a piece of code in Java that

sets the value of “int Number” randomly from the following set:   {404, 405, 406, 407, 408}.

B (5 points) Write a program segment in java that

sets the value of “int Number” randomly from the following set:    {404, 405, 406, 407, 411}. !


C (11 points)Pythagorean Triples.  The set of three integer values for the

lengths of the sides of a right triangle is called a Pythagorean Triple.  These three sides must satisfy the

relationship that the sum of the squares of two of the sides is equal to the

square of the hypotenuse.





a*a + b*b = c*c


is true if and

only of the triangle is a right triangle.




                           Write a method that

gets 3 input integers and checks whether those in any order represent a

Pythagorean Triple.  The method returns

‘p’ if the numbers are of Pythagorean Triples and returns ‘n’ otherwise.

 D (11 points)Write a program that prints out primes

in a decreasing order between 1 and 59.

(1 is considered to be a prime here.)

4.   A (7 points)  An

enhanced for statement loops through an array.  The syntax is for ( parameter : arrayName )           statement






                        How would you use a

regular for

statement to replace an enhanced one


Draw the

activity diagram of the enhanced for. (Parameter goes in order for first

to last, no index needed)

B (7 points)Write a program that prints the

following array’s values in descending order


C (7 points)        A

palindrome is a number or text phrase that reads the same backwards as

forwards.  For example, each of the

following five-letter words is a palindrome: abcba, ghihg, bbbbb. 


          Write a program containing a method that

determines whether a five-digit word is a palindrome.

D (4 points)What does the following program do?                            Explain

line-by-line and  then give the output.

















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