Computer Science 221 Program 1


Learning objectives:

  • Use BlueJ.

  • Modify a Java class.

  • Write a Java method.

  • Make method calls to a Java object.



Use the authors'
Picture project to do this assignment.
All changes will be made to the class, Do not modify the other classes in the project.


1. Add a door to
the house. Don't worry of the door looks funny. You might even want to adjust
the window slightly.


2. Do Exercise
1.15 on p. 12 of the text.


3. Do Exercise
1.16 on p. 12. Be sure that your new method is called sunset().


File to be submitted:

Submit your
modified version of the file
(only). Do not submit the other class files, the file Picture.class, or any of the BlueJ control files.


Submission instructions:

Log on to
WebCT.  Click the link for this class,
CSCI 221.  On the class home page, click
the Assignments link.  Click the words
“Program 1”.  Upload your files using the
button provided.  In the text box, you
may enter your email address if you would like an email confirmation that your
assignment was submitted.  After
uploading your file, be sure to press
the submit button
.  It is not until
you see the word “Success!” that you have successfully submitted your



The policies
given on WebCT are in effect for this and all assignments.


You may submit
on WebCT multiple times, so there is no excuse for not submitting partial

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