Baronessa's Adoptable Base

A cute female adoptable base. :3

By purchasing this you agree to my terms of service.

You MAY:
- Make adoptables/refs and sell them
- Alter/edit it and make new stuff for it
- Use for personal use
- Credit is always appreciated! (Credit Baronessa in that case)

You may NOT:
- Hand out the SAI/PSD file.
- Sell the SAI/PSD file.

This is only to be used by those who purchase it.

For intermediate to advanced art program users.
By purchasing, you agree to being 18 years of age or older.

Base + Back-view

Eyes: Slit or Round

Hair: 20 different ones

Sizes: Thin, Average, Chub

Breasts: Small, Average, Bigger, "Bazoongas"

Ears: 20 different ones

Horns: 6 different ones

Snout/Nose: 22 different ones (Since a lot of species have different noses)

Wings: 2 (Bat/Dragon and Feather wings)

Tails: 16 different ones

Feet: 7 different ones

Other: 25 different ones

You will get a ZIP file containing PSD and Sai files as well as my brush settings for Sai.
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