VIDEO - Very large double buns (sidebuns)


We LOVE big buns! Who does not love very large buns?
As you know, the woman making the bun or buns has to have very long hair to do it, and Alena has that, and when we say very long, we mean VERY long.

This is how it looks like when a lady with amazing super thick floor length hair puts her hair into double buns (sidebuns).
Sidebuns are a fantastic hairstyle and they look so cute and fantastic!
The size of Alena´s double buns are insane!
We have seen several girls and women with floor length hair, and when they make one single bun, that bun is smaller than one of Alena´s double buns.
However, a bun like that is still BIG, but very small compared to Alena´s buns!

We estimate that each bun in this video weighs over 2 pounds each (1 kg.).
In this video, Alena start off by getting her massive mane ready for two pigtails, and she looks so amazing with pigtails!
After she has done the pigtails, they are coiled into two huge buns which is so big that you can see them from miles away!

If you like buns - get this now, if you like very long hair - get this now!

This video is over 13 minutes in length.

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