BALD#003 "Worker Girl Wants to Regrow Her Hair from Beginning"

Worker Girl is ready to change her hairstyle...
She came to our studio on break time
Because of work, she didn't have enough time to take care her long hair, and also she often had bad hair day
Her hair is so long, it's about hip length
So she asked hairstylist to cut her hair into bobcut
Her hip length hair combed
She sat in the chair with cape
Hairstylist pull her hair into two long ponytails and gave her a bobcut
After she got bobcut, she felt hot air was very disturbing, she wants more cool haircut
Hairstylist suggested to try an undercut bob and she agreed
Hairstylist took clipper and gave her a short bob with shaved sides and back
After two weeks..
She told that her hair so thin and she wants to grow it from beginning
So she came to the barbershop
She asked barberman to shave her hair
She sat in the chair with red barber cape
Barberman took the clipper and run it on her head

This video produced by Nahru Production

Video length: 80 min
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