Super S5 Midi Mapping for the Traktor S5 by Steven James

Just like an Iron Man suit is an addition of super-human powers to an ordinary person, the new SUPER S5 Midi Map is also an extension to the original features the Traktor S5 offers.

The Super S5 is not to replace how the Traktor S5 is used, but to work alongside the original mode of the Traktor S5, simply pressing a button switches you into Super S5 mode (Midi Mode) and brings you full feature requests such as LOOP BUTTONS and complete LOOP RECORDER control, but also new additions like the innovative KEYNOTE PADS, PITCH BEND TOUCHSTRIP and the not-so-innovative but most wanted LOOP ROLL TOUCHSTRIP.

All features described above work per deck, once in SUPER S5 mode you can still select each deck and a SHIFT-MODE too alongside all fully functional central mixer controls as you go. Then just flick back to normal mode for full TRAKTOR S5 controls.
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