CMGT 230 Week 5 Learning Team Final Team Paper

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5 Learning Team Final Team PaperSubmit your final paper covering the material
noted in the Week One listing of the Learning Team assignment.Your team's task is to prepare a guidance
document telling your organization how it can prepare and develop a solid DRP
and BCP, covering the key areas covered in the course. You will not be
developing the full plan, but plan that development project, though you will
note some of the elements each should contain.Your guidance document should cover the
following areas:

  • A strong argument why the organization needs a good
    BCP and DRP

  • How these two plans will differ in their coverage

  • Key areas of coverage for each plan

  • Likely risks that could trigger each plan

Develop a clear, concise, and complete presentation to present the content of your
final paper to senior management at your chosen organization. Include
well-formatted and readable slides and easy-to-read speaker notes that could be
read at a presentation.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
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