Fast Switcher UMG for UE4

Fast Switcher for Unreal Motion Graphics loads only the needed widget. Default widget switcher in Unreal Engine 4 loads all widgets into the memory and switches between them without unloading inactive ones. The Fast Switcher for Unreal Motion Graphics widget loads only the needed one and unloads it when you switch to another. Widgets caching functionality can be optionally enabled. Fast Switcher is made in Blueprints.

1. Unpack plugin archive to Plugins folder in your Unreal project folder and start editor.

2. Add Fast Switcher to your parent widget.

3. Add needed widgets to slots. Default Active Index defines which widget should load first. -1 means that no widget will be loaded at start.

If you don’t want to remove widgets from memory during switching tabs set “Cache Widgets” flag.

4. If you want, you can use three additional nodes:  

• GetActiveWidgetIndex returns the index of currently loaded widget  

• SetActiveWidgetIndex loads a new widget depending on the index  

• GetUserWidget returns the currently loaded widget

CHASERS is the best showcase of Fast Switcher because it uses this plugin. Check it out! :)
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