DSI Prophet 12 Patches 1

A collection of 99 Patches for the DSI PROPHET 12

This bank includes Single and Layered Patches
and consists of Bass, Lead, Arp, Pads, Keys, FX and many other deep hybrid sounds.

All patches have been programmed exclusively with a Prophet 12 module and a CME Xkey 37, despite this some patches are programmed with slider functions and also include Polyphonic Aftertouch and Mod Wheel functionality and are compatible with both the Prophet 12 Keyboard and Module.

Please take your time to listen to the audio demo i have created using my Mutable Instruments MidiPal and Xfer Cthlulu along with some M4L Sequencers routed to the Prophet 12 to create some nice variations.

You can find another full length demo here 
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