Gym Pro II - Key & Guide

This is the application key and user guide for the Gym Pro II application for Garmin Wearables. The application must be downloaded and installed from (released Oct 10, 2016):

The provided instructions will show you how to set up the key and enjoy your Gym Pro II application.

Gym Pro II is the upgrade to the popular gym workout tracker. Create your exercise routine and let your device track your session for you. Includes a weight coach (BETA) to recommend adjustments and rate your performance based on your training goals!


- Configure an exercise routine (up to 15 exercises)
- Counts reps, sets and manages activity/rest timers, automatically.
- Improved motion algorithms help reduce accidental counting.
- Weight coach recommends adjustments based on training goals
- Vibrations help count your reps or notify you of rest timer expiry
- Computes session efficiency, performance and other valuable metrics
- Records exercise and session details and performance to Garmin Connect

Please note: Not all features are supported on all devices, particularly older ones. Please make sure you are using the latest software for your device.
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