TFMwebinar - September 2015 — Universally Free to Fly©

September 2015 — Universally Free to Fly  This Webinar talks quite a bit about the EMOTIONAL BODY as its been Connected to the Ego and The Mental Body and how to alleviate your stress.  if you feel as though you or your Twin are too UP IN THE HEAD.  If you are planning or going through a Divorce or your Twin is. If you are a Blue Ray there is special Information.   
  1. Universal Causal-Soul Body & Ego Breaking away
  2. Mental Emotional Ego Breakup
  3. Stress & Your 2 Bodies ( Human & Angelic)
  4. Divorce & Dismantling — Spiritual & Financial
  5. Cosmic Body — adjustments and alleviations
  6. Karma Clearing — ( marriages, relationships especially)
  7. Positions on Video to assist you: Early Morning Primer
  • Lover's High Heart Clearing
  • Interpersonal Clearing Universal Karma
  • Clear the Emotional Body
  • Blue Ray & Golden Ray Elevating
  • Diamond Love Bubble