Black Ops III - Ultimate Revamp Pack - 15 Graphic Design Templates

These are essential Graphic Design Templates you need that for your YouTube, Twitch Streaming Channels & Social Media Pages. This pack includes a Youtube Banner, Twitter Header, Social Avatar Logo, Full Stream Overlay, Stream Offline Message, Pre-Stream Message, Intermission, Twitch Header, Button Panels, a Stream Promotional Thumbnail, Standard YouTube Thumbnail, Facebook Header, Desktop Wallpaper & a YouTube Outro. All using images from Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

All of the project files are 100% Editable in whatever Adobe Photoshop Edition you have & is ready for you to manipulate the design to your liking and is waiting to be applied to your YouTube Channel, Twitter ACCOUNT, Twitch Channel, Facebook Page or Skype ID image.

Pack Created By AcezProduction

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