Oscilloscope Applications & Experiments by Edward M. Noll

"Oscilloscope Applications & Experiments" by Edward M. Noll (223 pages).

This is a fantastic book that covers all aspect of the oscilloscope.

From the Preface:

Oscilloscopes of improved accuracy and greater versatility have become essential in the design, testing, and servicing of modern electronic equipment.  Linear applications of integrated circuits and other solid-state devices have become more complex and involve more nonsinusoidal applications.  Digital circuit expansion has been phenomenal.  All of this makes the oscilloscope most important because of its ability to both analyze and measure sine and nonsine waves.  Oscilloscopes themselves have been improved over the last several years because of the special accuracy and versatility demands made by modern circuit and system technology.

Oscilloscope Applications & Experiments meets the need for a book that covers application fundamentals and techniques.  Since adeptness in the use of an oscilloscope depends upon “hands-on” experience each chapter of the book includes learning experiments.  Components can be purchased at low cost and it is well worth the effort to acquire this practical skill in handling the oscilloscope for a variety of
applications.  Circuits can be assembled quickly and put to use on your own or a borrowed oscilloscope with little trouble.

Chapter 1 reviews some of the fundamentals of the modern oscilloscope.  The various basic types of oscilloscopes are introduced.  Chapters 2 and 3 cover the many applications for oscilloscopes in audio, am/fm receivers, and television receivers.  Chapter 4 emphasizes the two-way radio applications for oscilloscopes, especially in the realm of modulation checks and waveform analysis.  The last two chapters of the book pay special attention to the dual-trace oscilloscope involving several linear and digital integrated circuits.

Oscilloscope Applications & Experiments is a learning book for the neophyte as well as the more advanced electronic technician.  In particular it stresses the new skills needed to make full effective use of the modern oscilloscope.


Chapter 1 – Fundamentals and Types
Chapter 2 – Audio Amplifiers and AM/FM Receivers
Chapter 3 – Television Receiver Applications
Chapter 4 – Two-Way Radio Applications
Chapter 5 – Dual-Trace Applications
Chapter 6 – Digital Tests and Experiments

The original book was scanned and converted into this digital book in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.  In order to view this file you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.
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