Samantha's Barbershop Flat Top and Buzzcut Haircuts - Digital Video Download VOD

In video, you'll see Samantha posing a bit outside, running her fingers through her hair and combing it one last time. She visits the Harvard Barbers barbershop located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There she sits in the chair while the barber covers her with a pinstripe cape. Samantha is a bit nervous when the barber brings the Oster clippers to the side of her head and turns it on. As the cut progresses, Samantha is amazed by her look as she goes from long curly hair to straight flat top. Doesn't she look great in the flat top? Very powerful and attractive. But she's not done yet. From there, the barber brings the clippers right down the middle to work on a buzz cut. Samantha looks stunning. The camera follows her a bit while she walks down the street, feeling her newly clippered head. We also see her playing with her hair -- how long and heavy it is!

screen size 720x480, duration approx 21 minutes
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