QNT351_T2 Melanie Howard, Tristan Perry, Carmen Smith, Kristin Smith,

Present the BIMS situation as an overview—problem, purpose, research questions, and hypotheses.

Over the past four months, Ballard Integrated Medical Services (BIMS) has experienced a 9% raise in employee turnover from the company’s annual average. The company just renewed its contract with DMC, the regional medical trauma center, but the employees are lacking motivation. BIMS has committed to tackling the problem by making strong efforts to uncover the root cause of the motivational lack and trying to narrow down the best way to repair the issues. Struggling to understand the motivators, BIMS circulated an employee survey consisting of 10 research questions which are as follows:

1.      How well do you enjoy working for BIMS?

2.      You enjoy your assigned shift.

3.      Your request for your desired shift was fulfilled.

4.      How many times have you called in sick in the last month?

5.      You are well trained for your work.
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