BIO 101 Week 4 Diet, exercise and sleep journal

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BIO 101 Week 4 Diet, exercise and sleep journal
Workshop 4 is designed to assist students with this assignment!

You will be required to keep track of your food and beverage intake, exercise and sleep for 3 days - use any format that is digital (photo of written record), table, outline.

 To determine the quality of your diet, you will enter ONE day (the most typical) into this nutrition analysis tool -  and write an summary of your findings, including possible changes recommended to your diet.  If you find another diet analysis website or app, you are welcome to try it.

To determine whether or not you are getting adequate exercise, you will use the tools on this website (scroll down to use all the features)  Summarize your findings in relation to recommentations from this source.
To determine if you are getting adequate sleep - reed these articles and use them to analyze your sleep.  Summarize your findings -  - -
Submit your journal and analysis in a word document that is double spaced, written in first person with attention to writing mechanics.

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