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What is meant by the term media convergence with regard to technology, and how has it affected everyday life?
The term media convergence with regard to technology means new media coming together. Back in the day they did not have technology like we do now. When it came to the news if they did not have television they had to listen to the radio but now they can just look it up on internet from a tablet, phone or computer. Also that goes to finding things out, before there were computers people would read books if they wanted to know something but now all you have to do is go to Yahoo or Google and find out whatever you need to. Technology is growing every day and things are changing along with it for example people did use to have a portable phone in a bag, now you have things much smaller like the iPhone. The way that it effects the everyday life is that people are now depending more on technology then they do anything else. For example I went to a church with one of my friends and instead of using a bible the pastor was using a tablet. So I feel that technology is starting to take over. Another thing is when I was younger I did not stay in the house to watch TV or play video games but now that is all I see is kids playing video games or watching TV instead of enjoying the outside, this is another way it affects the everyday life.
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