bus610 wk6

The case study is about a company named “DelSol” which was formed in 2009 and then achieved the highest growth but afterward the company started to decline. The main reason of this decline was that the company was relying on only one customer. One day the customer decided to withdraw his capital. The property of DelSol was owned by someone privately in the era of 1970 to 2000. At that time there was not any unit which could suggest the industrial site for the company. In 2010, the company was purchased by National Services Company (NSC). The company faced a lot of problems and administration issues which are discussed below. This paper describes the organizational change in DelSol. It also identifies the key stakeholders involved and the impact the change would have on them. It describes the change management approach and recommended action steps I would advise for minimizing adverse impact on the organization and its people.
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