SCI 163 All DQs

SCI 163 All DQs

Week One Discussion Question One
What are some of the most important elements of health and wellness? Explain your response

Week One Discussion Question Two
How may a positive mind-set help individuals overcome life’s challenges? How might having a healthy balance of mind and body help you accomplish your life goals?

Week Two - Discussion Question One
What is one factor that has contributed to the global increase in obesity? Describe this factor in detail and explain why the factor puts individuals at risk for becoming obese.

Week Two - Discussion Question Two
Do you think understanding how to read a food label might benefit you? How might you use this information to improve your eating habits?

Week Three - Discussion Question One

What are some risk factors that may be controlled to prevent serious illness? Do any of these controllable risk factors apply to you? What can you do to eliminate these risk factors in your life?

Week Three - Discussion Question Two
With widely publicized information on the health and environmental consequences of smoking, why do you think people still choose to smoke?

Week Four Discussion Question One
How do you feel about vaccines? Do you feel the benefits outweigh the risks? Would you recommend that parents follow vaccine recommendations for their children?

Week Four Discussion Question Two
What do you do to try to maintain a healthy immune system? Why is it important to have a healthy immune system?

Week Five Discussion Question
What is your opinion of health care delivery in the U.S.? Is it adequate? How can health care delivery be improved in the U.S.? Consider private and public health delivery options.

Week Five Discussion Question

Have you ever tried any type of alternative or complementary medicine? If so, please share your experience. If not, would you consider doing so in the future? Explain why or why not.
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