Imagine you are the HR Director for Clothes-R-Us, a medium-sized clothing store

Respond to each of the following scenarios in a well-crafted essay.  Include resources from the text or outside sources to support your points and follow APA guidelines as appropriate.  Each response should be approximately 200 words.  Each essay response is worth 25 points.

1. Imagine you are the HR Director for Clothes-R-Us, a medium-sized clothing store with locations in five states.  You know that customer service is a key element in the success of store, and headquarters is concerned that sales associates don’t have the right skills to help ensure repeat business.  You think a more robust training program would help resolve the issue.  Name and describe the steps you would take to conduct a needs analysis to determine the training program that would be necessary.


2. The training program you initiated at Clothes-R-Us got off to an excellent start and results from the pilot program shows great promise for improving customer service skills among sales associates.  As the HR Director, however, you want to make sure that the training is engaging and motivating for the greatest number of employees and appeals to various adult learning styles.   What would you do to achieve that goal?  


3. Even though the training at Clothes-R-Us is designed to be appealing to a variety of learning styles, as the HR Director you are concerned about what methods of delivering the training would be optimal.  Since there are store locations across five states, face-to-face training isn’t all that practical from a cost and timing standpoint and may not be consistent.  Other methods may not be as engaging and effective as face-to-face training.  What training method(s) would you recommend to headquarters leadership?  Provide a rationale for your recommendation.


4. Imagine that headquarters leadership approved your recommendation for delivering the training and you are now charged with the task of proving the training is effective.  What procedure would you put in place to measure the results of the training?  What type of results would you look for to demonstrate the effectiveness of the training?
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