Flags of the World - PowerPoint Deck Tools

In a world of global business, slide decks always need flags!   This complete set will have all the flags busy professionals and consultants will ever need, including:

  • Pre-Imported Set:  A full set of searchable flags, pre-imported into PowerPoint and ready to go, easily searchable by country name

  • Multiple Sets:  Additional graphic sets that can be easily imported, and sorted by country and region

  • On poles:  Perfect for maps, infographics, and pins, all the world's flags, designed as if on mini flagpoles

  • Waving and Straight Versions:  Versions of the flags that can be either straight on (flat), or that have a slightly decorative waving element to them, especially suited for PowerPoint decks

  • Backgrounds:  Slide backgrounds with all the world's flags

  • Markers and Pins:  A set of graphic markers and pins to go along with the flags in your slide decks and infographics

This complete set is better than anything you'll find on the web, and it has everything that slide deck and infographic designers need for international comparisons and depictions.

Nonprofit Reminder:  As a reminder, all proceeds from the purchase of our tools and templates are used to offset the direct costs we incur in extensive pro bono work to support undergraduate leadership training programs that we volunteer for and give back to, but that comes at a real cost. Your assistance, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated.

License Reminder: This is a license for a single user to utilize this set of tools. License data is included in the file, and also available on our website

Common Sense Software Reminder: These are .pptx files for Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as .jpg and .png graphic files. While they typically may be easily converted for use in other programs (such as Keynote, Google Slides, etc.), we are unable to guarantee any or all features in programs other than PowerPoint. Users of other programs are doing so at their own risk, and cannot be refunded if documents do not function in other programs as they do in PowerPoint.
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