Multiplies The Power of Your Brain and The Brain of Children in an Easy and Entertaining Way.
Develop Your Mental Potential and Get Useful Skills for Your Daily Life.
The Most Powerful Form of Educational Fun for Kids and Adults.

Why is the Board Game SUPERMENTE the best math game in the world?

Because this game is a simple, powerful and good quality activity that will increase your brain power and your life skills, that will help you recognize your intelligence and that will provide your mind with agility, in addition to what you see below.  You’ll enjoy it either individually or in company; if you’re a child, an adult or a genius; and either to compete, to train or to have fun.


Today, children are exposed to games where aggressive actions or to ruin the contrary are the main objective and the path to victory. This teaches them to enjoy violence and selfishness. By contrast, in the Board Game SUPERMENTE players play to win, but they also help their opponents to develop their minds by asking mathematical operations to be solved mentally, thus offering a healthy and educational pastime, which also develops useful life skills.

The lack of exercise leads to the loss of muscle mass and physical strength, and to a worse mood as well. The same happens with the brain: if it is not exercised, neurons, connections and the ability to nimbly react in the environment are lost. Mental exercises increase the vitality of our cells and neural connections, improving cognitive abilities such as memory, perception and concentration. It is important that the brain remains active: the greater exercise and stimulation, the greater the development.


Scientific studies around the world have proven that frequently performed exercises such as the mental operations of Board Game SUPERMENTE stimulate cognitive functions and have a very positive effect that helps delaying the aging of the brain. They’ve also been proven useful to avoid health problems related to the deterioration of brain functions, to reduce the risk of developing degenerative brain diseases and to stimulate the brain’s strength and health.


Solve mathematical problems frequently with children and youths with the Board Game SUPERMENTE, that will help their minds to use logical reasoning and analytical skills, making it easier to improve their academic results and preparing them for a greater understanding of professions that use numbers, amounts and calculations; something that is present in most professional and commercial activities worldwide. Adults, workers and professionals will be able to make use of the game too.


Did you know that the development of skills and the learning abilities are facilitated when carried out in a pleasant environment and using an entertaining method?

Although the Board Game SUPERMENTE is based on an activity that provides its benefits to children, youth and adults, let me show you some of its the advantages for CHILDREN.

5. The Board Game SUPERMENTE can easily improve the mathematical ability of children in Addition and Subtraction operations because it includes an activity that is natural and enjoyable for them, TO PLAY.

6. This can create a friendly perception of numbers and numerical calculations protecting them of The “difficult math" myth that often frightens and hinders the development of their mathematical skills.

7.  The Board Game SUPERMENTE helps to develop the mental potential of children in an entertaining, healthy and stimulating environment, which facilitates the desire to learn.

8. The method of counting the squares on the board teaches children to easily resolveaddition and subtraction calculations the operations of addition and subtraction with minimal possibility of mistake and teaches them to solve them MENTALLY.

9. Another important advantage is that The Board Game SUPERMENTE can stimulate the development of AFFECTIVE QUALITIES in children in order to provide them with an environment where they can play and spend time with family.

10. The Board Game SUPERMENTE offers children an immediate positive stimulus: winning the game, something that rouses their interest in learning how to solve the math operations that can lead to success.