Found Objects

"Found Objects" (2012/USA/11:40), Directed/Written/Produced by Dawn Westlake; Cinematography & Editing by Brandon Bondehagen; Music by Gregory Johnson; 1st AC: Ezra Riley; Sound by Amanda Beggs & Saif Parkar; Starring: Jo-Anne Krupa, Joey D'Auria, Emanuele Secci, Dawn Westlake & Derek Graf.

Synopsis: Once upon a time, the daughter of a famous Hollywood animator fell in love with an artist with whom she thought she’d found her place in the sun…While visiting her father to tell him, she learns more about the mysterious star who burnished her father’s career. When she returns to her beloved artist’s studio, she is surprised to find she’s been cast out of his picture. But, how do you compete with the biggest star in The System: The Sun...?

"Found Objects" won the Best Screenplay Award at the CinemAvvenire Film Festival in Rome in 2013. It was also nominated for Best International Short at the 2013 Silver Wave Film Fest in Canada.
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